ASPIDE Project: Exascale programing models for extreme data processing

Recently, in the framework of the H2020 programme, has been funded the ASPIDE project. The ASPIDE project will contribute with the definition of a new programming paradigms, APIs, runtime tools and methodologies for expressing data-intensive tasks on Exascale systems, which can pave the way for the exploitation of massive parallelism over a simplified model of the system architecture, promoting high performance and efficiency, and offering powerful operations and mechanisms for processing extreme data sources at high speed and/or real-time. The team of the SCALab of University of Calabria is one of the eight partners of the consortium.

Second NESUS Winter School & PhD Symposium 2017

February 20-23, Vibo Valentia, Italy

The aim of the 2nd NESUS Winter School is to address issues and topics related the convergence of Big Data with HPC and Exascale systems. The convergence and integration of HPC computing and Big Data management and analysis is crucial to the future. Topics that will be covered by the School trainers, from both academy and industry, include: Models and techniques for scalable Big data management, Ultrascale data solutions, HPC and extreme scale platforms for Big Data analytics, exascale data programming abstractions and energy saving in high-performance systems, data centers and Clouds.

European eInvoicing Project: implementation of the European electronic invoice within the Public Health area

GOVeIN is a research project funded by Connecting Europe Facility programme, with an aim to ease the adoption of the e‐invoicing by public and private entities in the health sector. The project with duration of 13 months (1 October 2016 – 31 October 2017) and a total bud get of 1.1 Million Euros brings together the main actors related to the cross‐border exchange of electronic invoice in the Public Health area, including hospital trusts and laboratories. University of Calabria is one of the 19 partners of the consortium.

3rd COST 804 Training School on Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Distributed Systems

April 8-12, 2013. Vibo Valentia, Italy

The aim of the 3rd COST 804 Training School is to address energy efficiency in design, modelling and operations, starting from the hardware/software level, to the functional level, to operations and adaptation, and finally to trade-off & adoption of the proposed measures, in a wide diversity of networks with associated facilities. Topics that will be covered by the School trainers, from both academy and industry, include: performance indicators for energy efficient services; energy saving in high-performance computing; green data centers and Clouds; energy efficiency in mobile environments.

Europar 2010

August 31-September 3, 2010. Ischia, Naples, Italy

Euro-Par is an annual series of international conferences dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all aspects of parallel computing and distributing computing. The major themes can be divided into the broad categories of hardware, software, algorithms and applications for parallel and distributed computing.