The Scalable computing and Cloud Laboratory was established in 2001 in the Department of Eletronics, Informatics and System Analysis of University of Calabria as the Laboratory of Grid Computing. Today it is part of DIMES and it supports research, training and development activities in the area of scalable computing systems, distributed systems e Cloud architectures, with a special focus on scalable data analysis. The services of this Laboratory can be offered to people, organizations, companies and research teams working in the areas of high-performance computing, distributed computing, mobile and pervasive systems and their use in the analysis of data, management of Big Data and studies on social network data. The main mission of our Lab is to study new models, techniques, and solutions for high-performance systems having special attention to data intensive systems by proposing novel software solutions useful in the implementation od scalable computer systems in many application areas for science and industry.

Research, design and development work in the areas of: parallel computing, distributed systems, scalable data analysis, Big Data analysis, Cloud computing, mobile computing, high performance computing, social network analysis, peer-to-peer networks, parallel data mining, exascale computing