• OutOfMemoryException(at client side): most Java virtual machines only allocate a certain maximum amount of memory to run Java programs. Usually this is much less than the amount of RAM in your computer. With Weka4WS you can extend the memory available for the virtual machine by running the ‘’ (or ‘weka4ws.bat’ on Windows) script passing as first argument the amount of RAM (in MB) you wish to use. For example running 2048

    will run Weka4WS setting the maximum Java heap size to 2048MB.

  • OutOfMemoryError(at server side): it is recommended to increase the maximum heap size of the JVM when running the container. By default on Sun JVMs a 64MB maximum heap size is used. The maximum heap size can be set using the -Xmx JVM option. For example if you want to set 512MB as maximum heap size you need to run:
    $ setenv GLOBUS_OPTIONS -Xmx512M

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  1. Lian says:

    Hi, I have setup Globus Toolkit 4.0.8 on Ubuntu for a research project. I currently have just 1 computing node and 1 user node. I have followed the instructions on Lackovic’s blog and but I am having some problem running weka4ws-client.

    I can run `globus-url-copy` successfully from the user node (no output):
    globus-url-copy gsiftp://cloud1.local/etc/group file://tmp/test.copy

    When I run weka4ws client on another machine, I can see that 1 host was added successfully. After I open a sample file, and try to run a task (clustering in my case), it get a popup:
    ; nested exception is: Connection refused

    Here is the output of weka4ws client:

    I do not get any additional output from `globus-start-container` in the computing node.

    Any ideas?

    • The AxisFault “connection refused” error message could be firewall related. Please ensure that your host accepts traffic on ports 8443 (for the Globus Container), 2811 (for Gridftp), 8080 (for the Globus Container with no security) plus the port range set in the GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE variable in the Gridftp script.

  2. Lian says:

    How do I get a user certification on a windows machine? I found grid-cert-request.bat in ws-core-4.0.8 but it doesn’t seem to work. The output of running grid-cert-request:

    (I turned echo on in the batch file for debugging)

  3. Lian says:


    I have set up a Weka4WS service on an instance of Ubuntu 9.10 running on Eucalyptus cloud. In the explorer, I am able to select the host from the dropdown menu and the task is run successfully. But in KnowledgeFlow, I am unable to see the host in the context menu under “Location” – only “localhost” and “auto” are present. (On the very first time, I am able to see the host under this menu. After that, it disappears)

    In Connections->Configure, the host is present in the Location dropdown menu. But there isn’t a button to save this setting. Closing the window does not save the settings.

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