Run the client on Windows

  • download the Globus “Java WS Core Binary Installer” from here;
  • extract its content to a directory of your choice (e.g. “C:ws-core-4.0.8”);
  • place the user certificate (usercert.pem and userkey.pem) in
    C:Documents and Settings[your username].globus
    (Explorer does not allow to create a directory with a name starting with a dot, so you will have to create the .globus directory by running “mkdir .globus” in the command prompt)
  • place the Certification Authority files (a couple of files like abc123.0 and abc123.signing_policy) in
    C:Documents and Settings[your username].globuscertificates
  • set the environment variable:
    • go to Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment variables
    • press the “New” under “System Variables” and set the following: GLOBUS_LOCATION=C:ws-core-4.0.8
  • double click on “weka4ws.bat” to run the application.

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