Software prerequisites

Weka4WS requires Globus Toolkit 4 (full installation) on both user and computing nodes to work. Since the full version of Globus Toolkit 4 runs on Unix platforms (Linux included), Weka4WS can be currently installed only on those systems.

To install Globus Toolkit 4 here you have some useful links:

Please verify that the Globus Reliable File Transfer (RFT) Service is correctly installed and configured (this requires the use of a JDBC database, as explained in the Globus installation guides).

Security prerequisites

Weka4WS runs in a security context, and uses a gridmap authorization: that is only users that are listed in the service gridmap may invoke it. So in order to make Weka4WS run properly the following prerequisites must be satisfied:

  1. the Weka4WS user must hold a valid proxy certificate (in the X.509 format) with a given Distinguished Name (DN);
  2. the file ‘/etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile’ on the computing node must contain an entry to map the Weka4WS client user to a local user at the computing node. An entry example follows:
 "O=KGrid/OU=University of Calabria/CN=John Doe" john

Computing Node

As ‘root’ user, perform the following steps:

  1. add the following line to the file /etc/sudoers:
    globus ALL= NOPASSWD: /bin/ls, /bin/cp, /bin/mkdir, /bin/chown, /bin/gzip

As ‘globus’ user (or alternatively as user which runs the globus container), download the Weka4WS-service package in a directory (for example in its home directory), and perform the following steps:

  1. extract the Weka4WS-service package:
    tar xzvf weka4ws-service-2.0.tgz
  2. enter the just created directory:
    cd ./weka4ws-service-2.0
  3. generate the Weka4WS GAR file running the command:
  4. deploy the Weka4WS service running the command:

User node

Download the Weka4WS-client package and extract it in a directory of your choice.

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