School aims

Ultrascale systems are envisioned as large-scale complex systems joining parallel and distributed computing systems that will be two to three orders of magnitude larger that today’s systems. The EU is already funding large scale computing systems research, but it is not coordinated across researchers, leading to duplications and inefficiencies. The NESUS COST Action IC1305 is working to an open European research network targeting sustainable solutions for Ultrascale computing aiming at cross fertilization among HPC, large scale distributed systems, and big data management.

The network is contributing to glue researchers working across different areas and provide a meeting ground for researchers in these separate areas to exchange ideas, to identify synergies, and to pursue common activities in research topics such as sustainable software solutions (applications and system software stack), data management, energy efficiency, and resilience. Some of the most active research groups of the world in this area are members of this project. This Action increases the value of these groups at the European-level by reducing duplication of efforts and providing a more holistic view to all researchers, it will promote the leadership of Europe, and it will increase their impact on science, economy, and society.

The aim of the 2nd NESUS Winter School is to address issues and topics related the convergence of Big Data with HPC and Exascale systems. The convergence and integration of HPC computing and Big Data management and analysis is crucial to the future. Topics that will be covered by the School trainers, from both academy and industry, include: Models and techniques for scalable Big data management, Ultrascale data solutions, HPC and extreme scale platforms for Big Data analytics, exascale data programming abstractions and energy saving in high-performance systems, data centers and Clouds.

Together with the Winter School, we’ll celebrate a PhD Symposium where PhD students attending the school will have the possibility to present their PhD research to a senior court and other attendees of the school.

Applications to attend the Training School are open to early stage researchers (as defined by the COST rules: less than PhD + 8 years experience) and PhD candidates / MSc thesis candidates from all NESUS COST Action countries. Industry participation from COST NESUS Action countries is also highly welcome subject to approval.  Attendance of the COST Training school is free to all accepted applicants. Eligible people interested to attend the School as trainees must submit the application for participation, and optionally for a travel grant.