The only configuration Weka4WS requires is the editing of the ‘machines’ file, placed in the ‘etc’ subfolder of the client package. This file contains information regarding the computing nodes, formatted with the syntax explained below.

The ‘etc/machines’ file syntax

Every line beginning with the ‘#’ character will be ignored. Every line not beginning with ‘#’ must contain the hostname address, its Globus container port, its GridFTP port and the logging option of a given computing node. The logging option can be only 1 or 0 standing for, respectively, “enabled” and “disabled”: when the logging option is enabled a detailed logging will be produced on the screen where the container has been started up and is running. An example of machines file is shown below:

# ==================== computing node ==========================
# hostname             | container port | gridFTP port | logging        8443             2811           1       8443             2811           0       8443             2811           1

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