• code updated with the book version of Weka (3.4.12, 12th of December 2007);
  • detailed client and service logging;
  • full support to JDBC, data preprocessing, data visualization;
  • dataset compression to improve transfer speed;
  • possibility to concurrently run multiple remote tasks;
  • possibility to stop remote task execution.
  • proxy credentials may be created inside the client application: a dedicated window may be called at any time both in Explorer and Knowledge Flow and will automatically pop up at startup if the credentials are not available or have expired;
  • support for pull-style message delivery mechanism (besides the more efficient push-style) for clients to whom notifications cannot be delivered (e.g. because they are behind a firewall);
  • extensive hosts checking including, besides the Globus Container and GridFTP availability check, also user permissions check, Weka4WSService deployment check, versions compatibility check between client and service;
  • possibility to enable/disable a detailed logging at the remote host;

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