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New Weka4WS version 2.1

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008


  • added the possibility to enable/disable a detailed logging at the remote host;
  • improved the datasets concurrent transfers performance: a dataset to be concurrently transferred to various remote hosts is compressed by one thread only; a dataset to be analized by different data mining algorithms on the same remote host is transferred only once by one thread only;
  • updated xstream (the Java library used to serialize objects to XML and back again) to version 1.3;
  • bugfix: tasks in the “runningTasks” list at the computing node were added twice for the same data mining task when the dataset wasn’t already available at the first service invocation;
  • bugfix: tasks in the “runningTasks” list at the computing node side weren’t removed from the list after their termination;
  • bugfix: resources at the computing node weren’t destroyed when exceptions arised at the user or computing node;
  • bugfix: compressed datasets appeared corrupted after their transfer at destination;
  • bugfix: method “isEmpty” of the string class (introduced in Java 6), used in the HostCheckThread class of the user node, disproved compatibility with Java 1.4.

New Weka4WS version 2.0

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Weka4WS version 2.0 has been released today. This is an update to our earlier 1.0 release, and includes several new features release as well as numerous bugfixes.

New features:

  • Knowledge Flow front-end also extended to support remote data mining;
  • code updated to the 3.4.12 book version of Weka (12th of December 2007);
  • the client side of the application can now run also on Windows machines;
  • proxy credentials may now be created inside the client application: a dedicated window may be called at any time both in Explorer and Knowledge Flow and will automatically pop up at startup if the credentials are not available or have expired;
  • added pull-style message delivery mechanism for clients to whom notifications cannot be delivered (e.g. because they are behind a firewall): the client now starts by default in pull-mode (that is it checks for the result availability every 10 seconds) and requests a notification dispatch to the server: if it subsequently receives a notification then the client switches to push-mode (that is it waits for a result availability notification), otherwise it stays in pull-mode;
  • improved hosts checking now including, besides the Globus Container and GridFTP availability check, also user permissions check, Weka4WSService deployment check, versions compatibility check between client and service;
  • possibility to extend the memory available for the virtual machine by running the ‘’ (or ‘weka4ws.bat’ on Windows) script and passing as first argument the amount of RAM (in MB) to be used. For example running 2048

    will run Weka4WS setting the maximum Java heap size to 2048MB.

Download Weka4WS 2.0

Weka4WS 1.0 released today

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Weka4WS version 1.0 has been released today. This is an update to our earlier 0.9.1 release, and includes a few features missing from the first release as well as numerous bugfixes. Download Weka4WS 1.0