Loris Belcastro, PhD
Department of Electronics, Computer Science and System Sciences (DIMES), University of Calabria
Via Pietro Bucci – Cubo 41C (5th floor),
87036 Rende (CS)

Email: lbelcastro [at] dimes.unical.it
Office Phone: +39 0984 494773

Loris Belcastro is a researcher of computer engineering at the University of Calabria, Italy. He received a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering at the University of Calabria. In 2012 he held a scholarship at the Institute of High-Performance Computing and Networking of the Italian National Research Council (ICAR-CNR). He serves as guest editor for numerous journals, including Future Generation Computer Systems, Journal of Big Data, Sensors, Algorithms, Applied Sciences, Frontiers in Big Data. His research interests include cloud and edge computing, big data, social media analysis, parallel and distributed data analysis.