Globus Toolkit 5.0.1 released

Highlights of the 5.0.1 release include:

  • GridFTP
    • New globus-url-sync command for syncing individual files or directories
    • New server option to control the default permissions of created files
    • New server option to time out on slow or hanging filesystems
    • New server logging level to include transfer statistics
  • GRAM5
    • Improved reliability with Condor-G clients
    • Fixed a number of bugs and memory leaks
  • MyProxy
    • Updated to MyProxy v5.1
  • GSI-OpenSSH
    • Updated to GSI-OpenSSH v5.2
  • GSI
    • Added OpenSSL 1.0.0 Support

Also, a Windows installer for GT 5.0 is now available, and includes most standard Globus components like GSI and GridFTP.

Relevant 5.0.1 links:

[Release notes] – [Software] – [Documentation] -[Support]

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