New Weka4WS version 2.1


  • added the possibility to enable/disable a detailed logging at the remote host;
  • improved the datasets concurrent transfers performance: a dataset to be concurrently transferred to various remote hosts is compressed by one thread only; a dataset to be analized by different data mining algorithms on the same remote host is transferred only once by one thread only;
  • updated xstream (the Java library used to serialize objects to XML and back again) to version 1.3;
  • bugfix: tasks in the “runningTasks” list at the computing node were added twice for the same data mining task when the dataset wasn’t already available at the first service invocation;
  • bugfix: tasks in the “runningTasks” list at the computing node side weren’t removed from the list after their termination;
  • bugfix: resources at the computing node weren’t destroyed when exceptions arised at the user or computing node;
  • bugfix: compressed datasets appeared corrupted after their transfer at destination;
  • bugfix: method “isEmpty” of the string class (introduced in Java 6), used in the HostCheckThread class of the user node, disproved compatibility with Java 1.4.

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