Short bio

Fabrizio Marozzo is an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at the Department of Computer Science, Modeling, Electronics and Systems Engineering (DIMES) of the University of Calabria. He received a Master’s Degree in computer engineering and a Ph.D. in Systems and Computer Engineering at the University of Calabria. In 2011-2012 he visited the Barcelona SuperComputing Center (Spain) for a research internship with the Grid Computer Research group in Computer Sciences department. He is a teaching assistant of Computer networks and Operating Systems for the Computer Engineering course at the University of Calabria. He was supervisor of more than 20 thesis in Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree in Management Engineering.

His current research focuses on parallel and distributed computing, cloud computing, intelligent systems, peer-to-peer networks, programming models, social network and big data analysis. In particular, he has published more than 40 scientific papers in international conference, proceedings and journals, including a book, in the following research topics:

  • MapReduce models for dynamic processing environments;
  • Systems for data analysis on cloud platforms;
  • In-memory strategies for executing workflows on cloud platforms;
  • Scalable programming models and algorithms for Big Data;
  • Libraries, algorithms and applications for social media analysis;
  • Middleware for context-aware mobile applications;
  • Programming and runtime models for exascale architectures.

He has been member of program committee of several scientific conferences and reviewer for different international journals. He has been serving as associate editor the IEEE Access journal and the International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications (IJISTA). He is co-founder of DtoK Lab S.r.l., an academic spin-off of University of Calabria, and member of the Scalable Computing e Cloud Laboratory at University of Calabria.

In July 2018 he obtained the Italian National Academic Qualification (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale) as Associate Professor (Professore Associato) in the field of Information Processing Systems (Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni – SC/SSD 09/H1) and Computer Technology (Informatica – SC/SSD 01/B1).