Globus Toolkit 5.0.2 released

Highlights of this release include:

  • GridFTP
    • Synchronization (globus-url-copy -sync) feature that transfers files only if they do not exist at the destination or differ from the source
    • An offline mode for the server
  • GRAM5
    • Improvements have been made to address all the known blocker issues for production deployment on TeraGrid and OSG
  • MyProxy
    • Updated to MyProxy v5.2

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4 thoughts on “Globus Toolkit 5.0.2 released

    1. I do not speak english very well, bat I have a doubt.
      I want to build a grid with Globus Toolkit 5.0.1 on 4 PCs, but the quick start guide is not clear, It show the installation in 2 machines and there not show what to do on 3 machines or more. Please help me:
      What i need to do:

      1. install on one like first on quickstart and install on 3 like second on quickstart or
      2. install on 3 like first on quickstart and install on 1 like second on quickstart or
      3. other

      sorry, my first language is not english.

  1. @Alberto the first machine is ur server so i believe it is the one with the rights to transfer files and sign certificates and assign jobs and so on. So you would do the first installation in the first machine and for all the other machines follow the installation as given in the installation for the 2nd machine

    P.S: im not an expert its just my general idea and you could try this and learn this way

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