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How to enable hard word wrap in WinEdt 6


Contrary to the soft wrap, which puts the text into separate lines without inserting line breaks, a hard wrap inserts actual line breaks in the text at wrap points. To enable hard wrap in WinEdt 6 you need to:

  1. from the top menu select Options > Options Interface…;
  2. from the left panel expand “Formatting: Wrapping, Environments…”;
  3. click on “Wrapping.ini”;
  5. remove “TeX;” like follows: SOFT_WRAPPING_FILTER=”HTML;ANSI;Soft|DTX;INS;STY;TOC;Hard”
  6. reload the current script by pressing the icon named “Load Current Script” located in the top-left corner of the options panel on the left;
  7. restart WinEdt.

You can hard wrap the whole document at once by selecting from the top menu:

  • Edit > Format > Format Document